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Writers, you may send to us for review your fictional writing in English, French or German. In the body of your email include a brief synopsis or overview and add the manuscript, or as many chapters as you wish, in a file attachment.

TFCP concentrates on developing new authors whom we wish to bring to market. We use the latest technology to achieve publication in minimum times. We welcome submissions by email, which should include a brief one to two page synopsis in the body of the email and the full manuscript, or if you prefer extracts from your book, in a file attachment . While we accept hard copy submissions, we prefer submission by email, as our processes are geared to the electronic world and non-wastage of paper, ink and freight, making us environmentally friendly. 

We accept general fiction written thoughtfully and with insight, plot driven original works, and knowledgeably written financial thrillers. Please contact us by email if you feel you meet our criteria. And do let us know in your email how you came upon us, whether recommendation, websearch and so on.

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