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Spacetime and Velocity

Tobin Goes Cuckoo

By Stanley Morgan

RUSS TOBIN IS BACK! The phenomenon created by Stanley Morgan returns in his nineteenth hilarious escapade.

When the JobCentre suggest they have just the thing for Russ – co-managing CUCKOO COURT, a five-star retirement home – he is sceptical. Why? Because Russ has never managed anything in his life – including himself!

Enter the gung-ho American manager Pete O’Shea with a list of tantalising rewards – including the nurses next door – and Russ plunges headlong into a world of genteel chaos.

In Tobin Goes Cuckoo Stanley Morgan gives Russ a run for his hard-earned money – with a parade of weird and wonderful characters hot on his heels.

Russ Tobin is a genuine original by a first rate story teller.
Bryan Forbes.

Tobin Goes Cuckoo by Stanley Morgan. ISBN 1-904433-24-3.


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Stanley Morgan is a best-selling author whose books have been enjoyed by countless millions around the world.
Through his writing, Stanley created his own phenomenon: RUSS TOBIN. Tobin’s eighteen adventures have become the most popular and widely read of the Stanley Morgan books. So now, by reader-demand, comes the nineteenth hilarious escapade: TOBIN GOES CUCKOO.

But what about the Stanley Morgan story? Perhaps not quite as hilarious as the Tobin stories, but equally varied. Stanley is an inveterate world-traveller, who studied radio drama in Canada, stagecraft in Southern Rhodesia, and then returned to London to become a leading voice-over artist in television commercials. Hearing his voice will set off a familiar (Proustian) jingle in many of us.

Take a look around the Stanley Morgan website: www.stanleymorgan.co.uk

by Stanley Morgan 

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