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Spacetime and Velocity

E-books crime/thrillers

Means to an End
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Enter the world of money laundering, financial manipulation and greed, where a shadowy Middle Eastern organisation takes on a major corporation in the US. As the action shifts through exotic locations, who wins out in the end? Is fact stranger than fiction? Certainly, the author's first hand experience of international finance lends the plot chilling credibility.


The Signature of a Voice
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The Signature of a Voice is a cat-and-mouse game between a violent trio, led by a psychopathic killer, and a police officer on suspension. Move and countermove in this chess game is planned and enacted. The reader, in the position of god, knows who is guilty and who plans what, but just as in chess, the opponents' plans thwart one another. The outcomes twist and turn to the final curtain fall. 



Tarnished Copper
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Tarnished Copper takes us into the arcane world of commodity trading.  Against this murky background, no deal is what it seems, no agreement what it appears to be. The characters cheat and deceive each other, all in the name of grabbing their own advantage. Hiro Yamagazi, from his base in Tokyo, is the biggest trader of them all. But does he run his own destiny, or is he just jumping when Phil Harris pulls the strings? Can Jamie Edwards keep his addictions under control?

And what will be the outcome of the duel between the hedge fund manager Jason Serck, and brash, devious, high-spending Mack McKee? And then one of them goes too far: life and death enters the traders’ world........................

By Geoffrey Sambrook
ISBN 1-904433-50-2


Czar Rising
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Victor Lansky is a rich, successful man.But when he's approached by a Russian offering the chance of billions of dollars, how can he resist it? He's drawn into the circle of shady industrialist billionaires, fixers and ultimately politicians as well. Somebody is going to die, before this is over.

Czar Rising is a work of fiction, but with the author's background knowledge, it offers a stark what-might-have-been look at the crazy world of Russian wealth and power.

Read Geoffrey Sambrook's novel: Czar Rising - Kindle Edition.