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Spacetime and Velocity

Fire Prologue

She didnít quite remember when it first came upon her again, this desire to escape. It seemed to creep up on her, with quiet stealth. By the time she became aware of it, it was too late to resist. It held her, quietly goading. At first it had sounded like a voice that whispered constantly in her ear, with increasing volume, in a foreign language. It drove her mad, this insistent, incomprehensible urge. As it grew, it became almost unbearable. Until she decided to give in to it. She would disappear. Escape. Just like last time. Leave home, friends, job and bills. Simply walk away. When the time was right.

Never once did she suppose that her dream would become necessity. But when it did, the lore of the ancient Greeks came back to her: dreams are granted to those whom the gods wish to destroy.

Fire Prologue

Fire One

Fire Two

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